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Reason for missing class: mouse in the flat (!)

Having a mouse in my flat – in my kitchen – defies all the morals of an African woman keeping a clean home! I grew up with my mum and aunties being obsessed with hygiene, and since the kitchen was their domain, despite changing times, I’ve adopted their attitudes to suite me – it’s my pride of my flat.

Even if my bed isn’t laid, you can be sure my kitchen will be sparkling! This space has become my office, my vlog studio, the place I nourish my body and create conversations with friends and family.

So when my space is intruded by an unwanted guest – it’s not surprising I’m feeling the toll of feeling VIOLATED and DIRTY, even though my house now smells of bleach!

For almost 5 days I’ve been sharing a flat with a mouse (could even have been longer)! It’s affecting my mental health – I’m paranoid and snappy at anyone who mentions the word ‘mouse’ to me – even if it is the one linked to their computer!

The great news is, the pest control guy came (ironically I could have still gone to class and been back home in time for his arrival since he was running late). He seemed pretty laid back about the whole situation despite my efforts to make him understand how disturbing the situation is! And he was stingy with the bait boxes!… I think I should have had one in every corner of the room – but hey, what do I know?!

He’ll be back next week for a review – not on a Wednesday so no need to miss a lecture again… Nothing else will come up this time – I affirm it!

What’s the most dramatic reason you’ve given for missing class/work?


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