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GreenWeek at CSM: Clothes Swap and Cakes!

Shelly and the SUARTS

I don’t know how Shelly managed to convince me to tag along to CSM after my Valentines Day card delivery duties were done at the SU head office in Holborn!

In all fairness, it didn’t take much convincing at all. I always use any opportunity I get with Shelly Asquith – SUARTS president, to find out more about my students’ union to make sure I’m not missing out on any events or campaigns. Plus, I still hadn’t been inside the ‘newish’ multi-million pound Central Saint Martins (CSM) building in King’s Cross…

So I probably would have missed out – big time – had I not tagged along to CSM to support SU staff members with the Clothes Swap event this afternoon!

I recognised Activities & Volunteering officer Rosie Black, straightway with her usual dose of energy! And despite the temptation to get my hands on some items of clothing, I remembered – I already have a wardrobe full of clothes which I’m emotionally attached to, so I can’t add to it! The SU staff at the stall were empathetic… I wonder why (guilty of clothes hoarding also)?!


The sweeter side of the event was buying a slice of home-made Red Velvet cake… And I just had to get a slice of Green Tea cake too! Besides it’s all for a good cause because MA Industrial Design students Taki, Ariel and Yi Ping are raising money for their final year project this summer… My pleasure was their gain! Sharing some student love on Vals day 🙂

And to wash it all down, I had a sample of Artea Tea… It looked and tasted wry healthy… Maybe the perfect detox after all my indulging!

There were other stalls all highlighting sustainable living for GreenWeek…

What events did your college organize for GreenWeek? Green week at UAL ends today. Check out the events my college LCC organised!

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