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In the discussion kitchen vlog – top secret (find out more tomorrow at 10am!)

I can’t contain my excitement! But I’m bound to secrecy until 10am on the 17th March 2014… Lets just say I could be a less Educationally Frustrated Student in the coming weeks… Shhhhh!

Final year BA Design for Graphics Communication student Mihal Gronowski is also sworn to secrecy… On another topic, check out his clay-dough man “OH MY!” and I love my clay-dough necklace made at UAL head office earlier this week, were we were called in for a “secret meeting”… This stuff is so cool (the clay-dough that is!)

See you at 10am tomorrow. Thanks for your continued support (and for not unsubscribing when you get as many as 6 posts each day to you email – love ya!) Subscribe now if you haven’t already and follow me on my journey to improve my student life! x

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2 thoughts on “In the discussion kitchen vlog – top secret (find out more tomorrow at 10am!)

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