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iSee: Campaign Diary Day 1 in pics! #Kai4VP

Feeling stronger... I want to be part of my UNION!

Feeling stronger… I want to be an ACTIVE part of my UNION!

My campaign for a diverse representation of students to LCC to have their voices heard has begun! Part of my manifesto to also re-present LCC as a more functional space for student to network and create collaborative projects – outside the lecture room!

My first day didn’t go according to plan – from leaving home later than expected to the printers not working at SUARTS head office… I thought things couldn’t get any worse!… And they didn’t! Things just got better!

Look out for Campaign Diary vlogs… Day 1 coming in the next post!

Would love to hear what you have to say! Please leave comments x

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4 thoughts on “iSee: Campaign Diary Day 1 in pics! #Kai4VP

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