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SUARTS elections 2014: How to Vote #Kai4VP

How to Vote #Kai4VP

Voting is just around the corner on the 21st February so I’ve prepared some simple steps towards making sure you get your voice heard – vote Kai Lutterodt 4 #1 Vice President of London College of Communication!

Step 1 – Go directly to the voting page or vote in college at LCC from 12pm-3pm until 27th February. You can vote for more than one candidate per position… But there can only be 1 Vice President! Vote Kai Lutterodt #1 Vice President 4 LCC! Join my Facebook Voting page. You will be kept up to date on any pre-voting events, surprise guest campaigners, freebie handout outs and much more!

Step 2 – Find out who I am! If we haven’t had a chance to meet, why not check out my blog, vlogs, and previous campaigns to get a feel of who I am. I’ll be at LCC all week – lets arrange to meet!

Step 3 – Have something to say? Please don’t hesitate to SPEAK OUT! Have your voice heard! Join my Facebook Campaign group to share your suggestions/comments/complaints. Feel free to contact me click here.


SUARTS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of students at UAL, providing them with fun activities, creative opportunities, advice, support and representation at University, local and national level. We work for students and are – most importantly – led by students. Who chooses those leaders? You do! Almost 60 students from across UAL have begun campaigning for a range of positions and it’s up to you to decide who gets them. In the meantime, take a look at your candidates below and read through the SUARTS Elections Rules to find out more about how your fellow students should campaign and how you can vote.

Voting will begin online and on campus on 21 February at 12pm and close on 27 February at 12pm. Results will be announced at LCC’s Darkroom on 27 February at 7pm. Click here to see all the candidates!

Once again thank you for your continued support! It’s been great connecting with you. Please feel free to share any concerns/suggestions/complains.

Here’s to a better student experience @London College of Communication… Lets REPRESENT! Vote Kai Lutterodt for your #1 LCC Vice President #Kai4VP

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