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iSee: Campaign Diary Day 2 in pics #Kai4VP

speaking for under-represented students

From a photoshoot with my neighbour Rebecca, and pep talk from another neighbour and friend – Bev, to returning home to find a message from my Italian friend Daniele supporting me on my run for LCC VP!

My campaign for diversity within the SUARTS to reflect the students of London College of Communication (LCC).

Under-represented students need to feel represented and I want to work to re-present LCC as a more functional space for students to have social networking events to collaborate on projects – OUTSIDE THE LECTURE ROOM… Lets make our contact with each other NOW!

Look out for my blog post: Facing my fears – facing my peers, about speaking to my class mates todayI barely know,ย ย in a mini ‘hustings” with Arij running for the same position… Is it too late to connect with them? And why am I more scared to approach students to convince them about by campaign, than standing on a stage half-naked for a beauty pageant?…

Speak Out! Join my campaign Facebook page click here, or vote NOW at Kai Lutterodt #1 Vice President 4 LCC

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