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Taking criticism from “General Information” about my campaign videos

criticism from "general information"

criticism from “general information”

Anyone who blogs will understand how difficult it can be to engage readers enough to leave a comment. I know I have readers – my stats tell me so. So when I get a notification that I’ve received a comment I’m usually delighted.

Except this afternoon when I got a comment from “General Information” it wasn’t like any of the comments I’ve ever received before – on either blogs. For the first time since I started blogging I received criticism… I could have deleted it and no-one would be none-the-wiser, but I decided to take it on board so I replied with a message of thanks.

Now, the great thing about having a blog is that it’s MY OWN space! I can write what I want and I choose to explain myself a bit without sounding defensive (but if I am – tough – start your own blog to make your own rules).

I was pressed for time when making myย campaign videoย for Vice President of LCC. I collaborated with a PR student who was kind enough to film it for me. Regarding the “may as well be filmed at home, had crappy sound and were BADLY edited” fair enough but either of us are professionals. I’m trying to encourage more cross-course collaboration in fact. So if I did know any film students I could have asked any of them to film and edit for me.

Regarding me being “self-absorbed” – wake up – this is the real world! I’m up against 8 students for the same position – I need to sell my personality too! The other candidates are lucky enough to have a network of student friends. I have hardly anyone. I even say I was the “ghost of LCC” keeping my head down and keeping to myself. Now I want to CHANGE that. There are too many students like me not expressing themselves. We’re art students!… I’m allowed to be self-absorbed. So try telling “self-absorbed” to broadcast news journalists!

And regarding the “reporting” where does it say I was reporting about anything? This was an introduction for a face-to-the-name… But sure, that’s an idea for the next video I will film with BA Film students ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve taken what “General Information” had to say (initially quite badly – it’s every blogger’s nightmare I’m sure), but if I’m to be honest it’s nice to get some tough love at times. So thanks for your somewhat “honesty” General Information… I would rate you more if you had the courage to leave a real name…ย General Information could be mistaken for SPAM!… I’d love to read your blog!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank EVERYONE who has supported me from the very beginning of writing a blog, till now during my campaign. Sometimes criticism can be a set back, but I’m brushing it off and fighting on! I know what I stand for and what qualities I can bring to being Vice President of LCC… I’m still learning, still growing and still believing! THANK YOU for being part of my journey!

Feeling Better!

Feeling Better! Bring on the criticism

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4 thoughts on “Taking criticism from “General Information” about my campaign videos

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  3. This is a great response miss Lutterodt. You’ve done it in a very mature way. And I think if ‘General Information’ was really trying to help, he/she could’ve given more constructive criticism & given you pointers on how to do a better campaign video.

    Anyway, as you said, a bit of tough love never hurt anyone.

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