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A feel Better weekend… #Kai4VP

Loving me; upgraded to Better gym and spa

Loving me; upgraded to Better gym and spa

Finally! A chance to take a break from campaigning (to be Vice President of LCC – have you voted yet?)… Well, with social media there’s never a break from anything – I can just campaign from the comfort of my home!

However it’s has been good to take a breather from LCC and catching up with… Myself! For most of the week I wasn’t properly until I returned home often after 11pm. And Thursday was the only day sat down for lunch when I caught up with Any Cook – college Coordinator. Even before friday I could feel my health going down hill (plus the added stress and anxiety of having a mouse in the flat really isn’t helping). If the weekend didn’t come soon enough I would have burnt out!

Thankfully I had a cure to make me feel better – thanks to Better. I upgraded to the full membership at my local gym earlier this month so I’m making the most out of using the spa which is inclusive (there’s something strangely comforting about walking into the spa confidently without fear of being caught sneaking in!)

My weekend got even better when I hosted Stephania (LCC BA Multimedia student I met on friday – more networking – love it!) and my neighbour and friend Beverly. I made a delicious Italian meal made from Italian ingredients (minus the salad) which my friend Daniele di Roma taught me last weekend.

I’m feeling much better after a better weekend at the Spa… Even if I got criticised by a viewer for my campaign this weekend, I’m brushing it off coz I’m a SOULJAH!

This is the final campaign week! Voting ends 12pm 27th February so vote NOW #Kai4VP x

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