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Campaign Diary: Day 4 in pictures #Kai4VP

As Livvy Doherty put it:

As Livvy Doherty put it: The most beautiful journalists in the world — with Juliet Atto and 2 others.

Wow! What a roller-coaster day! From printing my new pictures at High Holborn (I had to sweet talk SUARTS staff as it was outside drop-in sessions), to a pep-talk with Amy Cook who cheered me right up after a bad day on Wednesday getting an email from her colleague Penny who apparently got a ‘complaint’ about me.

I spoke to many students and thankfully I also had the support of NUS Black Students’ Campaign committee – Barbabra Ntumy and Malia Bouattia come in to support me! My night ended with a talk on Homophobia in Football with PFA event where I also had a drink (or three) with my ex-class mates 3rd year journalism students and Arts London News writers, speaking about homelessness with Olly – an intelligent jobless man I met on the streets of soho … And hitting GAY with new LCC friends thanks to Samuel (LCC’s chocolate prince)! That’s a full day in pictures… WOW!

You can still vote for me online or in LCC make sure I’m your #1 Vice President choice! x

Captions to be updated (I’m just so tired right now).

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