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Campaign Diary: Day 5 in pictures #kai4vp

Met Jamal who was handing in his dess

Met Jamal who was handing in his dissertation on friday night.! Well done! Vote Now –

I missed the most important period for campaign – voting day lunch time period on friday because pest control were late (a mouse is living in my flat rent-free ugh)!

But I picked myself up and continued speaking with students… I even brought in some goodies – my little bag of sweets šŸ™‚

Michal who’s running for Culture and Diversity officer was on hand to cheer me up and we took a break from campaigning to have a late Polish lunch (potato dumplings for Ā£6 is a bit pricey but the company was worth it)!

Then I made a video of many of the people I’ve spoken to so far on my campaign to be Vice President of London College of Communication!

You can vote online on in LCC until 12pm 27th February make sure I’m your #1 Vice President for LCC!

A nice way to end the day… Taking the tube home instead of cycling!

One of my campaign poster ideas. “Change (starts) here…” – Elephant & Castle

Remember you can still vote for me to be your #1 Vice President for LCC.

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