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iSee:Sankofa box featured in my campaign for VP!

My sankofa handmade box... and my hand-knitted scarf!

Creative: My sankofa handmade box… and my hand-knitted scarf!

When I needed a container to hold the sweets I hope to entice all the students with to vote for me as Vice President of LCC, I thought why not add a personal touch by making a Sankofa Box.

Earlier this month, I created Sankofa boxes as part of a workshop to engage children in fundraising for other children ‘back home’ in different parts of Africa. The boxes are recycled from empty boxes (usually tea boxes however sizes vary), and draped with African print material. I called them Sankofa – which means “a look back at history“, because the workshops I hold for children will also have an educational element along side arts and crafts, learning about Africa.

So this morning I woke up bright and early (about 4 am) and started draping an empty box so I could keep my enticing goodies stored safe and add a touch of African culture to my campaign – we are here too!

The new poster Michal Gronowski designed for me looks great stuck on top… I think my campaign Day 6 took a turning into a fashion fix with African print!

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