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The Campaign posters #Kai4VP


Considering I started this campaign hardly knowing ANYONE I could ask for help to make a campaign poster, I’m rather pleased with the end results of having a variety to choose from – working with other LCC students!

You can vote for me here:

You can vote for me here:

My original campaign poster was the selfie picture I use for my blog. I didn’t think it was necessary for my face to show because I wanted the message to speak for itself – SPEAK OUT- VOTE! No smiling faces – I wanted a strong image that shouted out ACTIVISM – I want change!

My new posters are out! Here's a face to the name!

My new posters are out! Here’s a face to the name!

But it soon became evident students need a face to the name and as I’m hardly Miss Popular, so I needed to change amend things – and quick! So I popped down to the photography studio on an impulse chance that I’d meet a student who had some free time to help me out. Luckily I met Will Henry Scott, a 2nd year Photography student so sorted me out with some pictures. Still within the original theme throughout which is also on my campaign video. Kai Lutterodt #1 VP 4 LCC Kai Lutterodt #1 VP 4 LCC

Then last weekend I bumped into my neighbour Rebecca at the sauna. She offered me a photo-shoot when I told her about my campaign for Vice President of LCC. Two days later I was in her flat bright and early for a fashion inspired shoot. That took me right back to the days when I used to model… Except this time I’d call it activism modelling!

The latest poster designed by Michal... Modelled by Kai! Vote now! #Kai4VP

The latest poster designed by Michal… Modelled by Kai! Vote now! #Kai4VP

Final Year BA Graphics for Communication LCC student Mihal Gronowski has been kind enough to not only work on a few of my campaign posters but also give my his input (it was his idea to fold the original campaign poster to put against my face). I want to encourage more cross-course collaboration so students can start making key contacts from now to build a network.

From knowing hardly anyone at the beginning of this term to meeting so many new people I’ve been lucky enough to talk to, network with and collaborate with… I feel like a winner already! There’s still lots more to be done within LCC so be sure to vote for me; Kai Lutterodt as your #1 Vice President choice for LCC!

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