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BEAR necessities… Natural nibbles at LCC!


As students we love the word “free“, right? So at lunch time yesterday when I spotted Dan, BEAR representative, handing out goodies in the London College of Communication canteen, I took a break from campaigning to enquire… What’s the catch?

Well there was none. Dan was simply giving away free BEAR products which are made from “pure fruit” and “no added nonesense”. Well I liked the sound of that as I needed all the strength I can get to power on with my campaign for Vice President of LCC – no nonesense added!

So when I offered to write a blog post, Dan kindly loaded a bag full of Bare products for me to review – plus their new cereal with no added nonsense!

This might be all the natural goodness I need to refuel my body as my campaign for Vice President of LCC comes to an end tomorrow… Have you voted yet? Kai Lutterodt for your #1 Vice President of LCC (LCC students only).

So look out for my BEAR review coming this weekend as I stock up on natural bare necessities… A loada BEAR nibbles!

If you want to avoid the yo-yo highs and lows of sugary snacks, opt for a BEAR Pure Fruit yo-yo being sold at our canteens soon. Choose from a variety of pure fruit flavours – which will you favour? Give them all a try – they’re less than 90p each!

Get a BEAR hug at
Or give Bear a growl

Which is your favourite BEAR nibble?

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