iEat & iDrink / iSee / London / Outside the Lecture Room

iEAT: Set lunch!


Mexican style chilli… My iphone iEAT snap shot!

I was called in for a night shoot from 8pm yesterday by a casting agency. I had to head straight to Shoreditch after my seminar yesterday and a long day campaigning at London College of Communication to be Vice President!…

And this morning I have a lecture at 10am so quite literally ‘no rest for the wicked!’

But at least I get a healthy grub on set!…



warming asparagus soup…

I got fed well considering the food on set was my first proper meal of the whole day… Here’s my set lunch as a supporting artist on a commercial filming.


Brekkie at 7.30am this morning leaving set..


No rest for the wicked… Back home at 8am. Shower, dress, print flyers, campaign, lecture, campaign, (dinner), home, assignment, sleep…

Tomorrow is the final day! If you haven’t already voted (LCC students only) please do so now online or in person by the canteen. #kai4vp

See you!

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