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iSee: Tom Hunter’s Life on the road

I'm the last visitor to Hunter's exhibition... Life on the road

I was the last visitor to Hunter’s exhibition… Life on the road is pretty damn cool!

Life on the Road exhibition launched for Green Week at London College of Communication (LCC) showcasing work by LCC’s very own Tom Hunter –  a Professor of Photography Research, Dave Fawcett and filmmaker Andrew Gaston.

I took a break from campaigning for Vice President of LCC to check out the exhibition which ended on the 26th February… With a few surprises – I got to meet the man behind the lens himself!

There is a sense of voyeurism as viewers are invited to be transported into Tom Hunter’s personal life on the road travelling around with Europe with friends in ‘Le Crowbar’ – a red mobile café, back in the 90’s. A vivid showcase of a culture of freedom from unconventionals of society, that’s placed in contrast to the pristine white walls of LCC the photographs hang on.

The photographs are surprisingly current with little evidence given that they are a good 2 decades in history. The visitors I noticed viewing the exhibition with their funky colourful dreads looked like they could have been part of any of the scenes.

On the last day of the exhibition, I spotted a man wearing a red jumper who looked uncannily like Tom Hunter. I’d only connected with Hunter through the Facebook LCC Photography group however networking is also about meeting people face-to-face. So I put my pride to one side and approached asking if he was the Tom Hunter… Indeed he was!

As an avid traveller myself, it’s been a privilege walking through the Upper Street Gallery where the exhibition was held, to get to my class in the Media block (often having to run through because I’m late). The exhibition exuded a sense of intimacy . It’s unapologetically honest, and sincere… And to meet the man behind the lens who captured many of the photos which had transported me elsewhere – outside of LCC on numerous occasions, was a pleasure.

With Tom Hunter. I got a copy of his book "HOME"

With Tom Hunter. I got a copy of his latest book “HOME” , talks about the notion of home and photography

The show Life on the Road is over but it’s not the end of the road” Tom Hunter. Check out more of Hunter’s works Acid flashback: traveller photographs that relive 90s rave culture

Earlier this week, I bumped into the Dean of School of Media – Karin Askham and we got a photo with Tom Hunter’s work in the background.

With the Dean of School of Media - Karin Askham

With the Dean of School of Media – Karin Askham

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