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The Educationally Frustrated student from the Dominican Republic…

Nicaury in the middle: student life

Nicaury in the middle between me and her sister:  student life

I met Nicaury Batista Angomas when I visited the Dominican Republic last summer volunteering abroad. We connected via courchsurfing.org when the young latina enthusiastically offered to show me around Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial – the oldest city of the New World…

Nicaury volunteered to be first guest blogger by sharing her experience as a student. I can’t think of a better time to share her story, and to also take the opportunity to say “Feliz cumpleaños!” as she turned 21 today!

Here’s Nicaury’s educationally frustrated experience… And being the change she wants to see…

NicauryI won’t write about high school or how bad it was taking exams one after another and being like a slave of the teachers! I’m going to write about my college life and the importance  to be focused on it.

I’m studying Business management and my ambition is to have my own business one day, live the present, make life experiences and travel around the world.

Despite of the fact that my education system is kind of poor and negligent, there are some  things that work; like the libraries and some teachers which I could count on with the fingers of my hands, that have a different perspective of teaching and knowledge.

I enjoy be a student because it makes you still proactive and keeps you thinking. It’s good for the brain. For me my higher education system is not too strong, maybe because I had a good education in high school. I had to take 25 subjects per semester and 7 per day so, college is kind of easy for me. The principal problem  is ” equality”… Here it doesn’t exist. If you want to get an excellent education you must have money and the government doesn’t  give help so it’s bad for the majority of the citizens.

At college in the Dominican Republic we have to grow up and stay studying, reading and practicing. Students frustration are the three exams ”partial tests” that if you ask me, are so useless because  we can learn and pass a subject without all the pressure to take a lot of theory exams. Come on! We need practice to get a job and a lot of things to read  won’t help us… but IT’S OK.

Still learning new things.

To be focused in the goal that you want to achieve, you need continuously be searching for information and expand your horizons – not only study the normal ”homework”. You can learn a new language, play an instrument, swim, take a lot of classes that will be good for you in all the aspects.

My goal is finish my bachelor degree, be fluent in my area of expertise and get all the work experience I can, because I want to get a scholarship to do my Masters in another country… I love adventure  and travelling so it’s like a dream for me.

I invite you to make  a list about  your personal goals, it doesn’t matter if you are undergraduate, bachelor or a professional. It’s never is late to start or to continue something new and to learn stuff that can help us in the future and that we like. Someday you could regret so why don’t begin  with that vision, enjoying the life and accepting that without effort you won’t get the ”happiness”… A happiness that means to catch up that person that you want to be in the future.

Students: Friendship beyond my visit... Keeping in touch

Students: Friendship beyond my visit… Keeping in touch

Nicaury is also a fashionista entrepreneur with her own online shop Zurich Shop.

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