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The inBox: S.O.S. Venezuela (Toronto)

Jesus from Venezuela

My friend Jesus Manzano was kind enough to allow me to share these pictures he took of the S.O.S Venezuela demonstration in Toronto Canada last weekend.

As I believer in activism for change, these pictures stood out for me. I asked Jesus why some of the banners say “Go home Cuba“? And he informed me;

“Chavez’ government decided to copy Cuban’s dictatorship into Venezuela 15 years ago. People got tired of it. Venezuelans want FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and PROSPERITY.”

Did you notice Jesus’ baby daughter?… A little activist in the making!

Find out more, visit the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Facebook Page. Also see this link What is Really Going on in Venezuela shared by Aaron Kiely – NUS Black Students’ Campaign President.

Have you got any activism pictures you’d like to share?

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