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GH Independence Day: Celebrating the women of my-story


Today, the 6th of March is Ghana’s Independence Day! 57 years ago Gold Coast gained independence from British colonisers and was renamed Ghana.

Today, I dedicate my Independence day to the memory of my foremothers of Ghana. Women are too often not mention in Ghanaian history. And though my Grandmothers may not have their names written in history – they are part of my-story so I celebrate them!

They paved a way for me to be here (and I believe, continue to do so because we are a re-birth of our ancestors).

I honour my grandmothers who I’m thankful to have met. I feel their presence around me each day – constantly guiding me and warding off evil…. I’m so blessed!

Happy Independence Day Ghana!

Who do you celebrate today?

My maternal grandmother – I know where I get my sassiness from!… And she took no s*** from men! One of the first female pharmacists in the Gold Coast. Intelligent AND beautiful; Grandma – I salute you!

My paternal grandmother was one of the old skool James Town originals. I’ll never forget my Gma in her Sunday best – classic! Employee of Singer, my grandmother was such a talented dressmaker… I just wish I had her talent for fashion!

My Gma with her grandchildren. Already making a fashioniSTAR out of me with a white false-fur coat she handmade me for my Christening (I still have the coat – will be passed onto my daughter one day).

I’m on my way to Italy for a couple of days to see a friend who’s been diagnosed with cancer… Stay tuned for posts on my journey to Milan on Ghana’s Independence Day 🙂

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