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iSEE: the price of beauty; relaxed hair


What lengths would you go through to reach your standard of beauty?.. The toxic smell of chemicals, the possibility of hair loss and a male hairdresser who tells you to “relax” when you complain your scalp is burning?…

Earlier this week I got my hair relaxed (chemically straightened) at a salon on Walworth road. During this routine process, which I took a break from for 5 months to give my “natural hair” a breather, I couldn’t help but wonder at what point of my life did society tell me; “to fit in, you must straighten your hair!“?

Was I straightening my hair because I’m the busy-city-chick with no time to spend fighting to get a comb through my natural hair each morning… Or is there a deeply-rooted insecurity I’m trying to hide by “fitting in?”

Lookout for my post investigating the extent black women go to for beauty… Starting with our hair.

Find out more in the in my article for Fuse Magazine coming soon!




Under the dryer-hood reading… How can I claim to be a feminist when it’s women that put the most pressure on how beauty is defined?

Look out for my post on the “F-word” – feminism coming soon!

Many black hair salons on Walworth road, South London… What’s your definition of beauty?


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