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Monday Morning Motivation: The Maths teachers never taught us!

Maths Teachers never taught you

If like myself you struggled with memorising your times-tables and buckled under the pressure of getting the grasp of Mathematics in school, you would have appreciated any shortcuts towards getting the right answer. I know I would have!

And even though it’s been a good 12 years since I took my last maths exams, and thankfully I’ll never have to worry about solving another equation again (besides the one regarding how much student loan I have to pay back!), I can’t help but wish I had some cool math tricks up my sleeve… What teachers never taught me!

Here’s one I came across on www.facebook.com/GimmieFreebies

Other methods for the 9 times tables:

Take the number you’re multiplying by 9 and subtract 1 from that and then that number plus (blank) to make 9 and that’s your answer. E.g 9×3; 3-1=2 and the 2+7=9 is 27

Then of course there’s the tried and tested finger method – we’ve all done it!

NB: Add each of the digits across and you always get ‘9’!


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