Celebrating the women of my-story; beyond Women’s day

As much as I consider myself to be patriotic – proudly Ga (tribe of Accra, Ghana) – I think it’s just as important – if not more so important, to embrace the women of my heritage.

It is the women in my family that have passed on valuable traditions, strong morals and their continued strength onto me.

I see much of my foremothers in me…. We are a re-birth of our ancestors after all!

So they might not be written in history – but they’re part of mystory and this International Women’s Day (and beyond) I acknowledge them!

My mum: 

Smart, beautiful, humble and now a grandmother to a bubbly 3-year-old. Even as a graduate in Economics from the University of Ghana (Legon) and an accountant at the Bank of Ghana (before I was born), mum always says she’s enjoyed being a mother to her 4 girls with regrets, even thought it meant she had to sacrifice her career to become a full-time mother.

I’m thankful for my num’s speedy recovery from a stroke 5 years ago which left her immobile…. Her big smile will always be the same!


My maternal grandmother:

My Fanti grandmother was a Lady in every possible way – from fashion to her mannerisms. And not to mention smart as well as beautiful. Grandma went to the University of Ghana (Legon) and became on of the Gold Coasts first female pharmacists working at Kingsway (more info needed). I have such fond memories of my time with my grandma; she always said “study hard”… And in the same breath she could say “your hair is your crown and glory!” She was a modern woman before her time!


My paternal grandmother:

Gma as we called her… Words can’t express my admiration for such an amazing woman. Despite coming from Old English “James Town” Accra, my Gma was a traditionalist and preserved her history. It’s thanks to my Gma that I’m able to trace my Tabom (Afro-Brazilian) heritage from my Aunty Marian.

RIP grandmothers and foremothers. Never forgotten… Forever guiding me. My guardian angels x

Which women have you acknowledged this International Women’s Day (and beyond).

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