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The inBox: Living Wage Protest at Chelsea


News out of my inbox straight to you; from Amy Cook – London College of Communication college coordinator.

Living Wage Protest at Chelsea


The GMB Trade Union and students at UAL will be demonstrating to demand a living wage for cleaners at the University on Tuesday 11 March at 12:30 at Chelsea College of Art, Chelsea Lecture Theatre.

The VC organises all staff briefings and we want to ensure he hears the message about our campaign so we will be paying him a visit at one of there meetings. Please bring banners, flags, voices, placards etc!

The cleaning staff at UAL are currently paid the minimum wage (£6.31 an hour) so the GMB and the Students Union are running a campaign to demand the VC releases more funds to the contract to allow the cleaners to be paid the London Living Wage (£8.80 an hour) Please join us to help make this happen!

For more info about the Living Wage demonstration click here.

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