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Fashion Fix: Something from Ghana… With a touch of Brazil

Heading to the celebrations - Brazil in the house!

A touch of Brazil… With Kinho from São Paulo

Something from Ghana…

I am a BlackStar!

I’d always wanted to be a BlackStar, and that wish came true when Emmelio – WestCoastUK sent me a promotion poster for Ghana Independence celebration in London, with my face in it – I was “officially” a BlackStar!

The picture used is quite significant as it was taken 7 years ago (already!) when I modelled the prestigious Ghana@50 event held in the out-doors open space of Independence Square in Accra – the very place Ghana’s first prime minister Kwame Nkrumah announced Ghana (previously Gold Coast) Independent from colonial rule.

DaViva clothing campaign

Face of DaViva clothing campaign 2010

This year, I wore a dress which was custom-made for me in Ghana a few years ago. The African print material is from DaViva. I was lucky enough to be the face of their clothing campaign in 2010. Thank goodness I still fit into the dress… Though the length seems a lot shorts than I remember!

A touch of Brazil…

Handmade necklace from Brazil

Handmade necklace from Brazil

Fan yogo!

Fan yogo!

My best friend Kinho wasn’t the only Brazilian to join me in celebration that night… I wore a necklace which I brought in Brazil handmade by indigenous Indians. That was my touch of Brazil! And it’s especially significant as this Independence Day, I was also celebrating the independence of the Tabom people of Otublohum (district of Accra) whose ancestors fought for their freedom in Salvador Bahia in 1835.

It’s become my signature to be a wrapStar and despite getting my hair straightened for the occasion, I opted for a headwrap upon arrival. Thankfully the snood I wore to keep me warm doubled as head-gear! Look out for my vlog on wrapstar headwraps coming soon.

I would talk about my shoes but as always they never show in pictures… Kinho say I’m too tall!

In Brazil

Finding myself in Brazil – Kinho took this picture!

You can read more about my experience in Brazil on my travel blog:

I’m still looking for an opportunity to get to Brazil during the World Cup… If you have any suggestions please reach out! x


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