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I am a BlackStar: Celebrating GH Independence… And the AFTER PARTY!

I am a BlackStar!

I am a BlackStar!

Celebrating Ghana’s 57th Independence – WestCoast style!

I never need much of an excuse to party, however this occasion would be EXTRA-special. 7 years ago I was chosen to model for Ghana’s grand 50th Independence celebration in Independence Square, Accra. I remember walking down the runway with a feeling of pride. 7 years later, my best friend Kinho has flown in from Brazil and I was delighted to have him as my date to attend WestCoastUK’s Ghana Independence celebrations on the 8th March, in Barking.

Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan colony to gain freedom from British rule on 6th March 1957. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, the country was renamed Ghana with Kwame Nkrumah as the country’s first Prime minister. Ghana has since become a leading example of Independence throughout the West Coast of Africa and beyond…

With WestCoastUK

It’s almost a year since I was introduced to Emmelio – the face and brains behind twice award winner for best Event Promoter – WestCoastUK. A mural friend introduced us during my visit to Ghana last year – and the rest, like they say, is history.

And history has a way of repeating itself, so if you’ve ever been to any WestCoastUK Ghana Independence events, you they are epic – bringing together Ghanaians and friends of Ghana in joyful celebration.

Past Independence celebration events have been:

2007 – 50th Golden Jubilee@ Coronet Elephant & Castle SOLD OUT
2008 – 51st @ Stratford Rex SOLD OUT
2009 – 52nd @ Silverspoon SOLD OUT – Carnival Outside
2010 – 53rd @ Troxy SOLD OUT
2011 – 54th @ Indigo2 – Historic night with Castro & Asamoah Gyan
2012 – 55th @ Indigo2 – SOLD OUT
2013 – 56th @ Indigo2 – SOLD OUT

Heading to the celebrations - Brazil in the house!

I went with my best friend Kinho who flew in that morning all the way from São Paulo for a week. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to get a taste of my culture. And of course, the night also included a taste of Fan Yogo give aways – fast becoming WestCoastUK’s event signature.

The night started fashionably late, but by 1am the event hall was packed and various musicians were entertaining the crowd. DJ Abrante – THE TRIPLE AWARD WINNING CLUB, TV & RADIO DJ – graced the stage on a number of occasions – mainly to announce registration numbers of illegally parked cars being towed away…. I didn’t know he was a comedian also!

By 5am I called it a night only because Kinho was tired from his long trip.  I on the other hand, despite arriving from Milan a few hours prior,  could have azontoed until the afro-beats stopped! The night was epic and I’m glad to have been part of it.

After the party is the After Party….

If you missed this memorable event, why not join at on Friday 14th March for THE OFFICIALGhana Independence celebrations AFTER PARTY @ K Bar – 81 Broadland London, N15 4DW (07508499795 for more info)

Ayekoo WestCoastUK!

Keep up to date with WestcoastUK events on twitter @westcoastUK and Facebook

And check out this exclusive interview with WestCoastUK when we met in Ghana last year… It’s the first video I ever filmed and edited (on an ipad – make the most of what you have)!

Fashion Fix:

Dress: custom made in Ghana. Material courtesy of DaVivaHeadwrap: Snood from Primark. Necklace: hand-made by Indigenous Brazilians

This review has been adapted from my review for Fuse Magazine


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