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iSee: #GetBiggerProject with Kinho!

Get bigger project

My best friend is in town for a week and it didn’t take much persuasion to get a personal training session from the Brazilian account manager and #GetBiggerProject founder – Marcus Alvares (or as I call him, Kinho)!

The hashtag has already gone viral in Brazil. You might think “Get Bigger Project” is all about pumping weights in the gym, but there’s a whole philosophy behind the “soon to be a brand” #getbiggerproject. I’ll be interviewing Kinho before he returns to back to São Paulo later this week…

So what is #getbiggerproject?

” I just want to be the best that I can be.It’s aspirational concept. You can get a bigger body, work, relationship – everything; you just have to do your best. That’s the meaning of Get Bigger Project – think bigger.” – Kinho

Think big – think #getbiggerproject!

I'm thinking bigger - aspire to be better!

I’m thinking bigger – aspire to be better!

Here’s me and my best friend making the most of our time together in the London sun last weekend… Bigger experiences! x

Get bigger smiles!

Get bigger smiles!


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