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iSee: Spring is here – first BBQ of the year!


Last weekend I was invited to my first BBQ of the year. Daniele from Rome, Italy invited my over and dragged the best friend Kinho along with me through the streets of London on a Boris bike!

Us Londoners are expects at expressing our gratitude to the sun when it shows its rays in the slightest (I’m seen a clothing faux-pas or two in my day)!… But this time it seems spring is officially here as last week we felt the force of how great London can be when there is a bit of sunshine!

And with Kinho fresh off the plane from São Paulo, I was tempted to think he might have had something to do with the good weather… Smuggling sunshine from Brazil isn’t illegal after all!

Here’s to more good times as the sun shows itself in London (lets hope it’s here to stay… It’s been a while since I dusted off the BBQ grill)!

Boris biking in the sun with Kinho

Boris biking in the sun with Kinho


Get bigger smiles!

Get bigger smiles!

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