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“Dear White People” – ignorance isn’t bliss!

Dear White People... Lets make something very clear...

Dear White People… Lets make something very clear…

Dear White People is a film set in an American university campus and address some of the stereotypes black people face within a dominant white environment…

So yesterday I had my own little “dear white people” moment when a white friend thought using “Black Power” on a UAL African Caribbean Society (UALACS) event poster is being racist. Hopefully this blog post makes it very clear  (click to read) “Dear White People” private screening campaign” and why we need it for University of the Arts London.

Speaking about race doesn’t make you racist – ignoring the fact that we have differences doesn’t make us the sameIgnorance isn’t blissit’s another form of racism!

p.s I’m the new President of UAL African Caribbean Society (UALACS)… Power to the Students! Please follow blog as I’m more active on there x

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