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The benefits of the F word… JK Rowling Harvard Commencement

JK Rowling talks about the F word to Harvard graduates – Failure!

The F word has been a constant tease to me throughout my academic study, particularly these past few month that I would have graduated over the summer – had I not failed! That’s partly the reason why I’ve been quite on this blog for a while – who takes failure well?  However it’s due to failing my 1st year at uni that I packed up my bags and went to Brazil for 3 month to “find myself”… Possibly the best experience of my adult life, then returned to repeat the assignment, and thankfully passed it!

This summer I’m once again faced with the prospect of repeating another academic year… However after watching J.K Rowlings’ speech, I just feel a positive connection to the F-word; “FUCK Failure!” If it happens, you pick yourself up and move on!… Something I’m slowly but surely learning to do.

I’m back guys – hope you’ve missed me! x

p.s I’m the new President of UAL African Caribbean Society (a position I wouldn’t have for had I not failed – now that’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!) Naturally, I’ve set up a blog for the society Please support by checking it out and commenting. I’ll be posting ACS related posts on there and everything else (well, almost everything) on here.


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