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Capturing the essence of me… From Photograph to Sketch

Captured my essence; Olga Lolo

Captured my essence; Olga Lolo

I’m really blessed to know some talented artists who have found my image worthy enough to capture on paper.

Last year when I went through my “big chop” transition by cutting off my processed hair, leaving my natural short hair exposed (a decision I soon regretted), it was the headwrap that came to my “bad hair day” rescue!

So when I took a selfie photograph of a headwrap style I’d created for myself, and later posted it on Facebook, I didn’t expect it to become a work of art… Neither did I expect the selfie I took in Sicily with a Frangipani/Plumeria flower in my hair to become such a vivid piece of art work.

It’s almost a year to my birthday that Olga Lolo sent me sketches of two selfies I’d innocently posted on Facebook. I was in Paris on the 15th October when I checked my Facebook messages for birthday wishes, and there to my surprise were two beautiful sketches from the very talented Russian illustrator.

Lola captured me in your own creative way… My spirit, my essence… The simplicity of being still in the moment.

As another year draws nearer, I thought to write a post for Olga and other talented creatives that have taken pencil to paper… To capture the essence of me. Thank you!


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