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EuroWeekender: Trip to Berlin



Freedom of expression through writing on the walls… Only in Berlin (spotted in the ladies toilet – too many beers)!

I sat on the Easyjet flight back to London on Tuesday morning wondering how on this earth I had never been to Berlin before this weekend?

A (long) weekend spent in the “alternative culture” German capital, filled with history, yet very contemporary – was all I needed to feel revived again! Prior to my EuroWeekend in Berlin, I could feel the stress of “keeping busy”; balancing Uni with ACS and other projects on the side I have, beginning to seep through. I’ve been down the road of spiraling into depression because of stress, so I knew a bit of travel therapy would help holt the “blues” before they set in… And it did! 

Here’re a few links and videos from my travel blog on my trip to Berlin. From exploring the vegan trend, to a visit to the Berlin Wall. I used this trip to also brush up on my filming and editing skills – plus even “research” for an essay I have on Globalisation… Have to start from somewhere, no?

Street Food Thursday: going vegan with Sisley

Day 2 in Berlin and observing “globalisation”…

 What are some of your favorite “EuroWeeker” destinations?… Share in the comment box x

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