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National Student Demo: Demand for #FreeEducation

Here’s the National Student demo though my eyes (or rather, lens… Getting the hang of filming and editing!)

I’ll admit, I was skeptical about the ideal. Students asking for FREE education?! Seriously?!

But it makes sense! If the Government invests in its people though quality education which should be FREE, we’re more likely to get better jobs and contribute towards building a strong economy. It’s ironic that UAL Vice-Chancellor Nigel Carrington expressed in a recent interview for the Independent that more foreign students will need to be taken on which will “ultimately undermine the economy, as they often leave the UK with the skills they have learnt here.” Well how about thinking about building our economy by making education FREE, instead of exploiting International students and using their success in their home countries as a scapegoat for any economic downfall they UK could face?(!)

Where you at the demo? Share your thoughts in the comment box

Kai x

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