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SUARTS President; “Why I’m voting for a full time Black Students’ Officer…”!

It’s about a year since I got active in “activism” and 2015 will be no exception! I’ve already got the ball rolling by supporting the campaign for a Black Students Officer role to be introduced within SUARTS exec team… This will mean replacing the role of President… Current SUARTS President Shelly Asquith shares why she’s all for “getting ride of President”! Vote #Option3 TODAY!


Shelly Asquith “We won’t create equality overnight… but the amount of time, resource and representation this role will allow, will make a huge contribution” – Shelly Asquith

SUARTS Presidents, Shelly Asquith, shares a personal account of why she believes we should “get ride of President” to create a “new role” – A Black Students’ Officer!


By now you have probably seen that SUARTS is having a vote on whether we should change the roles in the Union.
This hasn’t happened in years and is an exciting chance to make our Union more relevant and democratic. We can introduce a Welfare Officer, part time Liberation roles and reps for our FE and Postgrad students.

We are also deciding whether or not to keep the role of President. It may seem strange to some that I am voting to scrap my own role, but I feel I can justify…

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