Happy International Women’s Day from the EFedstudent!


The high of SUARTS elections has fallen to a diminuendo, and my role as ACS president has peaked to an ultimate crescendo!… I’ve organised UAL ACS’ first ever Film and Literature Festival this Women’s History Month!

osbwif-e-flyerCheck out Women’s History Month: Our Stories through film for our events highlighting black women in film. For a list of all our events and to get your tickets CLICK HERE.

There’s something beautiful about telling our pain through art forms; dance, music, poetry. Yet sadly, with the popularity of social media we’re often forced continuously maintain the “strong black woman” façade, covering any pain...” Check out my Happy International Women’s Day: “For Colored Girls” blog post on the UAL ACS blog after watching the film “For Colored Girls” this afternoon.

Ah, and before I forget the mention – your girl Kai was elected LCC Officer (I won!)10978566_10152638158561932_8247750971680733323_n

I also won Black Students’ Officer with 336 votes (thanks to everyone who voted for me!) however I chose to take LCC Officer. Shani-Louise is the new Black Students’ Liberation Officer.

Don’t forget to follow UAL ACS blog to stay updated on events and my role as ACS president.

Wishing you all a wonderful International Women’s Day… Our struggles might not be over, but together we are stronger #solidarity

Kai – still pretty EFed but working my way around it!

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