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Check out #Art4Change blog!

Sometimes “giving back” is the best therapy for an EFed student – Educationally Frustrated student!

I’ve set up a blog dedicated to all things #Art4Change, a project I’ve implemented this summer. I came up with the idea during my time as UAL ACS (University of the Arts London African Caribbean) President. #Art4Change is about students utilising their skills by giving back to children in developing countries by volunteering. We want to use art as a way to empower children in deprived areas.

Art4ChangeAnd the first place I’m going to with this project is Haiti – #Art4ChangeHaiti! The aim is to get children into education so we will continue to support by printing their designs on merchandise which can be sold and the money goes towards children’s school fees.

This project is 100% crowd-funded and self-funded. No big organisations donating tons of money (unfortunately)! So we need YOUR support to make this happen! Please donate any amount you can via

The countdown has begun and I’ll be leaving for Port-au-Prince via NYC this month! I’m also collecting children’s clothing and any arts materials, so if you’re based in London or NYC and can donate please get in touch!

Check out the #Art4Change blog and “Like” us on

Contact me if you’d like to support in any way!


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