About me

The Educationally Frustrated Student

I’m Efed!… Unless I’m the change I want to see!

“I’m EF*ed!

And I’ve felt this way for a very long time… “Educationally Frustrated!”

I’m part of a Eurocentric Higher Education system that tends to forget that a student like me exists: Black, African, and Female. I’m under-represented from the Lecture Rooms, to the Media – the very industry I’m working to build a career in. And besides that, society tells me I can’t build a career as a journalist without a BA… So I’m back at university to give this academic learning thing another go… as a ‘mature student’ -no pressure there!

… Unless I’m the change I want to see!”

I thought I’d start this blog as a therapy, a channel to vent my frustrations, (and  praises, because it’s not all bad) about being a black female student in London. I can tame some of my frustration by getting involved with my Students’ Union and campaign for better REPRESENTATION! I’m also a strong believer in learning “outside the box of the Lecture Room, so where possible I start my own projects to give me the head start I need as a budding Travel Journalist.

I hope to have a bigger and wider platform to share my stories, but for now, my blog is a great starting point!

They say third time lucky, so there’s no more room for failure (don’t ask)! I’m just aiming high to Build A successful career with a BA and achieve some Degree of success in life… Wish me luck!

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Checkout some of my categories…

Student Life: Any mature student’s life won’t be a typical student life! From STUDENT EAT includingiEat & iDrink– my iPhone snaps of food & Drink, to FASHION FIXTRAVEL (also check out my travel blog Travel Making Kai… Creating myself through travel), and more.

THE INBOX: Sharing the latest in – straight from my inbox!

IN THE LECTURE ROOM:  A few of my lectures, seminars and essays

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Here’s to becoming less educationally frustrated and begin enjoying Student Life!

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