#Kai4LCC #Kai4NUS… Students’ Union elections at UAL!
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#Kai4LCC #Kai4NUS… Students’ Union elections at UAL!

Yes I Can! I’m running for LCC Officer (previously LCC Vice President) and NUS Delegate! Campaign has officially started… Check out my campaign posters and dot forget to vote on the 20th Feb – 26th Feb! http://www.suarts.org/vote UAL students don’t forget to vote Kai for your #1 LCC Officer and NUS Delegate! Continue reading

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iSee: Transcending Boundaries 2014 – VIP Champagne Reception

I was lucky enough to get an invite to attend Aabru Art’s official launch of Transcending Boundaries 2014. A VIP Champagne Reception (I laid off the alcohol – long story), dynamic display of art for sale, distinguished guests and a afrocentric live DJ set the bar high for the standard of African art events in London… … Continue reading

Out and About in London with the bestie!
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Out and About in London with the bestie!

When Kinho’s in town – I’m a tourist in my own city! Taking a break from my studies to hang out with my best friend Kinho who flew down to London from São Paulo Brazil for a week (and has flown back already – sob). From Boris biking (Barclay’s hire cycles) to straightening the Big … Continue reading

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iSee: #GetBiggerProject with Kinho!

My best friend is in town for a week and it didn’t take much persuasion to get a personal training session from the Brazilian account manager and #GetBiggerProject founder – Marcus Alvares (or as I call him, Kinho)! The hashtag has already gone viral in Brazil. You might think “Get Bigger Project” is all about … Continue reading

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A friend in need… Is a friend in deed

Sometimes life throws unexpected situations your way and you’re forced to make ‘the right decision’…  Well that’s exactly what happened last week when I got news from a friend that he was in hospital fighting cancer… In Milan. Fresh off the high of elections, I was already struggling to adjust back to reality of student … Continue reading

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I am a BlackStar: Celebrating GH Independence… And the AFTER PARTY!

Celebrating Ghana’s 57th Independence – WestCoast style! I never need much of an excuse to party, however this occasion would be EXTRA-special. 7 years ago I was chosen to model for Ghana’s grand 50th Independence celebration in Independence Square, Accra. I remember walking down the runway with a feeling of pride. 7 years later, my best … Continue reading