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The inBox: invite to AABRU Art’s Transcending Boundaries in London

The latest in from AABRU Art sent to me by cultural researcher DY Ngoy – straight to you! AABRU ART presents transcending Boundaries 2014… The leading platform for contemporary West African Art. Aabru Art in London is offering an exciting line up of events as they present the second annual exhibition of Transcending Boundaries available to the public. Events … Continue reading

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Fashion Fix: WrapStar in Mayfair – Club Kitsch

I was a wrapStar for a night out in Mayfair at the new club Kitsch on Swallow Street, W1. The invitation was extended to me by my partner in clubbing-crime; actor and events organiser Luigi Consoli. Unfortunately neither of us were feeling the badly mixed commercialised music Luigi described as being ‘old’. And even though I consider … Continue reading

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Sankofa Boxes available at the Inter-generational evening FUNDRAISING event TODAY

Inter-generational evening on Saturday 1st February, 5.00pm-8.00pm Sankofa is a Ghanaian Adinkra often symbolised as a bird with its head reaching back or a decorative heart shape. The word is derived from the Akan words ‘San‘ (return), ‘Ko‘ (go), and ‘Fa‘ (look, seek and take) – “return to reclaim it“. I choose to call the … Continue reading

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From the Surfboard to the Airport to Soho… Gerry’s in town!

I’m always excited when Gerry Haag announces he’s going to be in town. It’s the only opportunity I get to hear all the fascinating things happening in the life of a Professional Surfer – an Internet Expert Consultant who has the perfect surfer-beach-paradise lifestyle with his family in Mallorca. And despite his busy schedule on … Continue reading

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35 and Ticking? Not us, we’re the young’uns!

Once again the Mella Center held another successful Black Cinema Club film friday event showing 35 & Ticking; A romantic comedy which follows the lives of 4 thirty-five-plus African-American friends trying to figure out life, love and marriage… So what do I, a twenty-something year old student have in common with a despairing thirty-something year old … Continue reading

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iSee: When Harmony went to Hell – Congo Dialogues

The poster itself hold no boundaries – and neither does the title. The grim reality of Congo’s tragic past and man’s interests in the animal closely linked to our ancient ancestors, is the face of ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ exhibition showing at Rivington Place, London. Continue reading