Check out #Art4Change blog!
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Check out #Art4Change blog!

Sometimes “giving back” is the best therapy for an EFed student – Educationally Frustrated student! I’ve set up a blog dedicated to all things #Art4Change, a project I’ve implemented this summer. I came up with the idea during my time as UAL ACS (University of the Arts London African Caribbean) President. #Art4Change is about students … Continue reading

EuroWeekender: Trip to Berlin
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EuroWeekender: Trip to Berlin

  I sat on the Easyjet flight back to London on Tuesday morning wondering how on this earth I had never been to Berlin before this weekend? A (long) weekend spent in the “alternative culture” German capital, filled with history, yet very contemporary – was all I needed to feel revived again! Prior to my EuroWeekend in … Continue reading

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A friend in need… Is a friend in deed

Sometimes life throws unexpected situations your way and you’re forced to make ‘the right decision’…  Well that’s exactly what happened last week when I got news from a friend that he was in hospital fighting cancer… In Milan. Fresh off the high of elections, I was already struggling to adjust back to reality of student … Continue reading

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iSee: Tom Hunter’s Life on the road

Life on the Road exhibition launched for Green Week at London College of Communication (LCC) showcasing work by LCC’s very own Tom Hunter –  a Professor of Photography Research, Dave Fawcett and filmmaker Andrew Gaston. I took a break from campaigning for Vice President of LCC to check out the exhibition which ended on the 26th February… With a few surprises – … Continue reading

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The inBox: S.O.S. Venezuela (Toronto)

My friend Jesus Manzano was kind enough to allow me to share these pictures he took of the S.O.S Venezuela demonstration in Toronto Canada last weekend. As I believer in activism for change, these pictures stood out for me. I asked Jesus why some of the banners say “Go home Cuba“? And he informed me; Continue reading