“Dear White People” – ignorance isn’t bliss!
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“Dear White People” – ignorance isn’t bliss!

Dear White People is a film set in an American university campus and address some of the stereotypes black people face within a dominant white environment… So yesterday I had my own little “dear white people” moment when a white friend thought using “Black Power” on a UAL African Caribbean Society (UALACS) event poster is … Continue reading

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The inBox: Operation Black Students’ Representation elections special!

In the run up to students elections this month in Universities across the UK, NUS Black Students’ Campaign officer Aaron Kiely and his team of motivated *black student campaigners are on a mission to get more black students to run for elections!… There couldn’t be a better time be the change you want to see! … Continue reading

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The inBox: Sankofa Box handicraft workshop makes it into the Harrow Times!

I’m excited! And rightly so! What a roller-coaster day I’ve had, but the best news of the day was delivered into my inbox less than 5 minutes ago from Mayoress Awula Serwah – my Sankofa Box handicraft fundraising workshop for children at Saturdays intergenerational Family fun evening, was the picture which represented the event features … Continue reading

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Convergence Media: With a little help from YouTube… The Culture Show explores the phenomenon of the internet platform

Has the internet hindered the professional creative, or it a platform for young people to express themselves? For $1.65 billion Google bought YouTube and 7 years later, the rest is literally¬†his-story. Watched in class as part of Convergence Media unit for my BA Journalism course @LCC Look out for The Educationally Frustrated Student vlog coming … Continue reading