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The inBox: Sankofa Box handicraft workshop makes it into the Harrow Times!

I’m excited! And rightly so! What a roller-coaster day I’ve had, but the best news of the day was delivered into my inbox less than 5 minutes ago from Mayoress Awula Serwah – my Sankofa Box handicraft fundraising workshop for children at Saturdays intergenerational Family fun evening, was the picture which represented the event features … Continue reading

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Interview with Career Strategist Mathy Lisika-Minsende… Rewire the Career mindset

For my first ever vlog interview, I choose to interview the career coach and self-confessed social media geek – Mathy Lisika-Minsende. It was with Mathy’s encouragement that I began blogging about my travels two years ago, and now, about something closer to home – being a student. Continue reading

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Convergence Media: With a little help from YouTube… The Culture Show explores the phenomenon of the internet platform

Has the internet hindered the professional creative, or it a platform for young people to express themselves? For $1.65 billion Google bought YouTube and 7 years later, the rest is literally his-story. Watched in class as part of Convergence Media unit for my BA Journalism course @LCC Look out for The Educationally Frustrated Student vlog coming … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution: Be the change you want to see!

A new week, new term and most exciting – a NEW YEAR! I’m motivated to create a new opportunity to bring positive change into my student life… But how? With a New Year’s resolution I can actually keep! I’m not going to let the pressure of sticking to a New Year’s resolution for a whole year (which … Continue reading