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Chris Attoh message of support in The discussion kitchen with Kai vlog

This week in my discussion kitchen – my vlog hub – is Ghanaian actor, film-maker, scriptwriter, presenter, radio broadcaster (basically all the things I aspire to be!) – Chris Attoh. Though not physically a guest in my kitchen, Chris left me this lovely supportive voice message when he learnt I’m running for Students’ Union elections … Continue reading

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I thought I’d let my actions speak louder than my words so I nominated myself to run for Students’ Union elections! The change I want to see starts with me… Please join me on my campaign journey as I run for VICE PRESIDENT of London College of Communication (LCC)! Thank you for your continued support … Continue reading

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In the discussion kitchen vlog – top secret (find out more tomorrow at 10am!)

I can’t contain my excitement! But I’m bound to secrecy until 10am on the 17th March 2014… Lets just say I could be a less Educationally Frustrated Student in the coming weeks… Shhhhh! Final year BA Design for Graphics Communication student Mihal Gronowski is also sworn to secrecy… On another topic, check out his clay-dough … Continue reading

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Reason for missing class: mouse in the flat (!)

Having a mouse in my flat – in my kitchen – defies all the morals of an African woman keeping a clean home! I grew up with my mum and aunties being obsessed with hygiene, and since the kitchen was their domain, despite changing times, I’ve adopted their attitudes to suite me – it’s my … Continue reading

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My Facebook – A Look Back video vlog (new HD!)

I’ve had a very productive day!… Two interviews with Jerry The HuMan – PLUS – he taught me how to download my ‘A Look back’ Facebook video /lookback… Remember when I posted it a couple of days ago from my neighbour Bev’s house? It was really bad quality because I basically filmed the video off … Continue reading

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In the discussion kitchen with the EFed Student: Adopting the posh ‘white’ accent!

My kitchen has a tradition for being the gathering place for discussion in my home. So I thought I’d start a new vlog series where I invite special guests into my home – into my kitchen, for their input on issues the EFed Student faces during the week. My first guest for ‘In the kitchen … Continue reading

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Vlog: Catching up on Magazine Publishing with 2nd Year LCC Journalism students

If I miss a class (or two) for personal reasons, I know I have some wonderful peers who can help me catch up – quickly! This week, 2nd Year Journalism course rep Yasmine and international student Diana were at hand to inform me on what I missed out on, after our Media Convergence class on … Continue reading

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Aspire to inspire… The first Sankofa Box handicraft fundraising workshop video!

When I was invited by Harrow Mayoress Awula Serwah to attend the Inter-generation Family Fun Evening event held at the Civic Centre in Harrow – I was honoured! This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate the concept I have behind Sankofa Box handicraft workshop – involving children in a fun activity to fundraise for … Continue reading