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A Day in a Life: Controlling the Skies of Singapore Airlines

*The interviewee prefers to remain anonymous

The EFed student’s notes: This interview was written for my Convergence Media Feature writing assignment. It also ties into the Contextual Studies seminar discussing Asian values in Media. What came up a few times in the Seminar discussion was that Democracy will mean different things in different Asian societies, so the branding of “Asian Values” is unjust. Is it right for the Western world to question Singapore on their controls of the media and Freedom of Speech? What might work for us in the West, doesn’t necessarily apply to every country. The West is good at trying to be an example of everything supposedly “right”. However I do believe that Democracy should be universal as should freedom of speech. We should take into context the environment of an individual country as this influences the media. If there are very few riots because of the strict control over public display, then the media has less “sensational” stories to cover therefore the ‘control’ is merely a guidance. The difference is in the UK for example, we thrive such “sensation” stories for our newspapers to sell.
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