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iSee: When Harmony went to Hell – Congo Dialogues

The poster itself hold no boundaries – and neither does the title. The grim reality of Congo’s tragic past and man’s interests in the animal closely linked to our ancient ancestors, is the face of ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ exhibition showing at Rivington Place, London. Continue reading

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Frantz Fanon: “Africa is shaped like a gun, and Congo is the trigger…”

This quote attributed to Frantz Fanon is the first thing that caught my eye as I entered Rivington Place gallery for the reception opening of Congo Dialogues… Fanon’s words from The Wretched of the Earth still resonates with me months after my essay on the importance of gaining Independence from Colonialism. It was great to … Continue reading

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End of term: Key ideas of Frantz Fanon on Colonisation

The first academic term has drawn to an end. Now is a good time for reflection so I’ve highlight some of the challenges and frustrations I faced particularly regarding writing a very thought-provoking essay on Frantz Fanon and decolonisation… This was an essay where what I read went beyond just meeting a deadline… Fanon’s words … Continue reading

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Wrapping up November… Actions speak louder than words

Welcome to my first monthly wrap-up This term I faced my biggest challenge which was to write a 2,500 word essay for the Contextual Studies Unit of my course. I chose an essay question on Colonisation and the importance of gaining Independence. I’ll be posting extracts from my essay when I get it back from my tutor this … Continue reading