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The inBox: Sankofa Box handicraft workshop makes it into the Harrow Times!

I’m excited! And rightly so! What a roller-coaster day I’ve had, but the best news of the day was delivered into my inbox less than 5 minutes ago from Mayoress Awula Serwah – my Sankofa Box handicraft fundraising workshop for children at Saturdays intergenerational Family fun evening, was the picture which represented the event features … Continue reading

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Aspire to inspire… The first Sankofa Box handicraft fundraising workshop video!

When I was invited by Harrow Mayoress Awula Serwah to attend the Inter-generation Family Fun Evening event held at the Civic Centre in Harrow – I was honoured! This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate the concept I have behind Sankofa Box handicraft workshop – involving children in a fun activity to fundraise for … Continue reading

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Family Inter-generation evening a hit with the kids… And adults!

If anyone ever doubted that “elders” and the “young” can’t come together for a night of social “edu-tainment” – an evening at Harrow’s Civic Centre on Saturday the 1st February would have proved you wrong! The evening was a success offering quiz entertainment, storytelling and the first Sankofa Box handicrafts workshops for children. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Sankofa Boxes available at the Inter-generational evening FUNDRAISING event TODAY

Inter-generational evening on Saturday 1st February, 5.00pm-8.00pm Sankofa is a Ghanaian Adinkra often symbolised as a bird with its head reaching back or a decorative heart shape. The word is derived from the Akan words ‘San‘ (return), ‘Ko‘ (go), and ‘Fa‘ (look, seek and take) – “return to reclaim it“. I choose to call the … Continue reading