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Telling our own story: JAMIE’S JOLLOF RICE RECIPE

In this week’s BAJA2 seminar we looked at Barthes “Steak and Chips” and it’s relation to French identity. It made me think about this Jamie Oliver adaptation of Ghanaian Jollof rice… I thought – what would Barthes think about “well-done” steak? It strips away French identity no? So what does this version of “Ghanaian” jollof rice do for Ghanaians and our traditions… Here’s my response posted on ualacs blog.



It’s amazing how food can tell a story…

That’s the opening sentence of Jamie Oliver’s GHANA: JAMIE’S JOLLOF RICE RECIPE. And I ask myself “where is our story in this picture?. It’s no doubt attractive and appealing, but it certainly doesn’t link directly to sub-saharan Africa, let alone Ghana.

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