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Convergence Media: Notes on making a website

Neal from BA Journalism works on making a website in today's class

Neal from 2nd year BA Journalism works on making a website in today’s Media Convergence class

So last term we looked at ways of improving our student blog sites, then we moved onto making our own WordPress sites (I had mine already – one step ahead) and ways of improving the functionality plus adding visual media content. Now we’re being encouraged to go another step further by setting up our own websites. Here are notes on setting up a website taken from today’s Convergence Media, as part of my BA Journalism course, taught by LJ.

– Get a hosting company i.e

– You can upload the WordPress plugin into you new site so it functions with the same format as tour WordPress blog; except you have more control over your database and your content (files).

– Buy a URL domain name. Think about what your site is about and perhaps put a tag word in the title i.e my travel blog is about my travel experiences hence the name 🙂

– Buy your URL in the same place as your host – it’s easier to manage.

You can find out if the site is available at

Themeforest – WordPress themes. Pick how the site functions. You can always change the colours and some designs later.

Keep up to date with security updates to keep your site running smoothly.

Well there was more said but my shorthand isn’t the best! These starting points should help though.

Another productive class, however it would have been nice for some supporting notes to be available from the tutor, however that’s never been the case for this class.
Since I’ll have to fork out some money to set up a proper website (£60-80 for a basic site plus domain name for the year), I’m happy to stick to my WordPress blog for now. But I have plans to set up a website when I start selling merchandise online… You heard it first here! 😉

Next week we’ll be continuing to work with Adobe Premiere to finish editing some footage we shoot as practice… Of course I’m going to have a go at editing it with the software on my phone. Will make a comparison with next week’s edit with the professional software.

Stay posted for the homework!

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