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iSee: “it’s not creativity, it’s stupidity” – Gronowski


“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” – David Ogilvy

SUARTS elections campaign might have ended in Thursday 27 feb, with results revealed that every night. But for some of us the creativity that was injected in us refuses to leave…

My best friend throughout this whole students union campaign process, BA Graphics Design for Communication student Michal Gronowski, is still in campaign mode as he just whatsapped me this picture of his campaign poster against Wallace and Gromit advert earlier today…

Perhaps it’s a blessing that the Culture and Diversity position he was running for went to re-elected Mostafa Raajai… I’d hate to see his creative talent in jeopardy of being unfulfilled. I want to see Gronowski with a great job working for an advertising company when he graduates later this year – he deserves it!

I called this picture creativity and his response was… “I’ll send you a better one, hold on… It’s not creativity, it’s just stupidity. Or perhaps that what creativity is. All creative people are a bit stupid 🙂
A lot of best ideas come as jokes, as David Ogilvy said

Well, I’m a creative being… And let’s just say, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box! So we conclude – it’s CREATIVITY!


It was Gronowski’s idea for me to fold the top half of my campaign poster and hold it against my face. This idea has made my campaign fun and interactive as many students and supports were happy to get a picture with my campaign poster… Check out “Who speaks out videos” PT1 and PT2

My supporter and graphic designer Michal - can you post his poster in the background

My supporter and graphic designer Michal – can you post his poster in the background

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2 thoughts on “iSee: “it’s not creativity, it’s stupidity” – Gronowski

  1. walk in stupid every morning
    (smart sculpture at the entrance of London Wieden+Kennedy)
    Let me add a couple of three things – stupidity is helpful if it’s smartly managed and edited. Creatives find solutions. To find solution you need to consider all the options whether they are smart or completely dumb. That makes us almost go above that boarder between the two, in a way.. However, it does not mean that a creative person should be an idiot. Learn, get smart, develop yourself – just have a fair distance to everything.

    Plus, thank you for your support with my campaign, Kai!

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