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The inBox: Operation Black Students’ Representation elections special!


In the run up to students elections this month in Universities across the UK, NUS Black Students’ Campaign officer Aaron Kiely and his team of motivated *black student campaigners are on a mission to get more black students to run for elections!… There couldn’t be a better time be the change you want to see!

Shelly Asquith, President of SUARTS is in solidarity with Operation Black Students’ Representation, and kindly forwarded me Aaron’s newsletter which include key points to encourage black students to add some diversity to their Students’ Union (SU)!

This weekend I’ll be posting  ALL of the key points Aaron mentions, in bite-size posts to make the information digestible. So if you haven’t already nominated yourself, this just might be the push you need!

Hurry though, nominations are open for a limited time only. Find out more about nominations from your university SU.

Here’s a word from Aaron in his newsletter…

Aaron KielyWelcome to this special elections edition!

The new year marks for many the start of election season in the student movement. We want to see as many Black students put themselves forward for positions as possible. To help achieve this, we continue to provide support to Black students and Students’ Unions to increase diversity in elections and overall Black representation. Please feel free to send on any of these useful resources to Black students and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We wish every Black student all the best in the upcoming elections!

In unity,
Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer

Look out for the Operation Black Students Representation from me this weekend. But if you can’t wait until the next post to find out more – click here! Here’s what to expect this weekend…

1. Operation: Black Students’ Representation

2. A Black Students’ Officer In Every Union

3. For a more diverse NUS National Conference

4. ‘I Will… Lead the Way’ – #SheShouldStand

5. Protest and ‘debt in’ – #StopTheSellOff

6. Black Staff Survey & Black British Academics

7. LGBT History Month

Get in touch with Aaron and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign committee

Twitter: @nusBSC
e-update list:
Facebook: NUS Connect:


*Black is a political term which is inclusive of African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean descendants.

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